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  • Kentucky’s business costs were ranked the lowest in the country by CNBC (2012)
  • Consultants ranked Kentucky’s competitive utility rates #1 in the U.S. in Area Development magazine (2012)
  • Kentucky ranks 3rd in the country in total air cargo shipments (2012)
  • Kentucky has the 7th most business friendly tax structure for new firms and 6th lowest tax cost for new corporate HQ (Tax Foundation Report)



Thank you for your interest in Kentucky. The members of KentuckyUnited are pleased to promote the many advantages of doing business across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. From industrial electricity costs that are consistently among the lowest in the nation, to a tax structure that’s among the most competitive in the region, progressive financial incentive programs, the lowest business costs in the country, one of the lowest costs of living in the country and an ideal location within 600 miles of two-thirds of America’s population, Kentucky has it all.

If your company or client is considering a new location or expansion, we encourage you to take a look at what Kentucky has to offer. Our highly qualified economic development team at the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development can be your single point of contact for the duration of the site selection or expansion process. Begin your search with us today, and let Kentucky make your next location or expansion decision an easy one.

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  • // We are a logistics dream

    Kentucky's location advantage facilitates the distribution of goods and materials to a massive industrial and consumer market. The state's borders are within 600 miles of over 60 percent of the nations popluation, personal income and manufacturing business establishments.

  • // Energy

    Kentucky’s industrial sector electric power costs rank 6th lowest in the nation and are the lowest in the eastern United States, averaging nearly 22 percent less than the national average.

    Kentucky Energy

  • // Gross Domestic Product (millions of current dollars)

    Industries across a variety of sectors help contribute to Kentucky’s economic output, which totaled nearly $165 billion in 2011.

    Kentucky Gross Domestic Product

  • // Education

    An educated workforce is the key to a strong economy. Kentucky brings companies a workforce that is dedicated, skilled and well prepared to bring innovation and productivity to the job.

    Kentucky Education

  • // Manufacturing Employment

    Kentucky’s diverse manufacturing base fuels the state’s economy, and is a driving factor in Kentucky’s economic development success. Approximately one out of every eight nonagricultural jobs in Kentucky is based in manufacturing.

    Kentucky Manufacturing Employment

  • // Foreign Direct Investment

    Kentucky has been at the forefront of Foreign Direct Investment project activity, which continues to be a major success story for the Commonwealth. More than 420 internationally based companies, representing 30 different nations, call Kentucky home.

    Kentucky Foriegn Direct Investment

  • // Transportation

    Kentucky’s extensive highway, air, rail and waterway transportation systems, which include 15 major interstates and state parkways, two international airports and two global shipping hubs, 60 public airports, 1,100 miles of commercially navigable waterways, seven public riverports and 2,760 miles of railroad track, gives Kentucky businesses a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

    Kentucky Transportation